Month: May 2018

Thank God It’s Friday

Our brand new promotion ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ kicked off Friday May 4 and is linked between Wests, Diggers & The Courts @ East.
How to enter?

  • Members who swipe their membership cards on Friday’s at the Members Reward Kiosk between 9.30am & 7.45pm will receive an entry
  • After 7.45pm the entries from all venues will be mixed together and a draw will take place between 8pm – 8.30pm
  • The draw will take place at one of our three venues on rotation weekly

What do I win?

  • One winner will be drawn from the barrel and will choose from a choice of 5 images. Behind each image is an amount between $200 & $1,000
  • Once the winner has selected their image as above stated, the winner may simply take the money and the draw is complete, OR;
  • Once selected they can choose from 5 envelopes to have one of the following opportunities:
    1. Double up the original cash prize
    2. Bad luck you just surrendered your original cash prize, however you have now won a $50 meal voucher
    3. You have just halved your original prize
    4. Congratulations, you keep your original prize
    5. Triple the original cash prize

Full terms & conditions are available at all club receptions.